Business Development Director

Workforce Group  |  Lagos

Posted 30 Aug


Job Objective

The Business Development Director will be responsible for managing, optimizing and extracting value for Zone Tech Park and The Zone Centre, raise grants, organize epic  events and drive facility related revenues via rentals for business related purposes

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for sourcing grant specialists that will help create access to grants and donations to develop, equip and expand the innovation hub.

  • Secure technical and investment partners for management and scaling of the Code Academy business model

  • Source for Grants and Donations for running Programmes such as Girls Meet Tech, Youth Accelerate, Digital Nation, etc. 

  • Secure corporate acceleration partners that The Zone Tech Park will work with to help drive corporate innovation within their businesses.

  • Responsible for preparing, packaging and securing meaningful investments for Startups and products coming out of our Startup studio 

  • Responsible for creating and managing a Zone Tech Park specific angel investment fund that will fund the startups in the acceleration program.

  • Successfully organise  landmark events

  • Successfully organise  minor events and create awareness for the Zone Tech Park

  • Source and Secure clients for our Value Management Services

  • Responsible for developing and executing The Zone Centre’s marketing strategy.

  • Develop and implement the marketing strategy for positioning the The Zone Centre as the business conference and training facility destination of choice.

  • Responsible for meeting the set performance goals and targets.

  • Manage client relationships with existing and prospective clients.

  • Oversee the indoor sales team at The Zone Centre.

  • Develop and organize a number of proprietary paid business events.

  • Build, manage and partner with the network of event organisers to ensure that The Zone Centre is always booked.

  • Develop and manage a referral commission system to encourage people to refer events to The Zone.

  • Responsible for ensuring that the Zone centre’s digital platform and social media presence are optimised.

  • Ensure that The Zone Centre has a number of recurrent users.

  •  Responsible for sourcing and onboarding service vendors i.e hotels, caterers etc. that can service users of the facilities


Competence Requirement

  • Management experience that spans education, economic development, technology, marketing, media relations, community relations, government relations

  • Entrepreneurial and start up mindset with a strong bias for technology and innovation

  • Strong knowledge of the technology space – local and abroad

  • Ability to attract start-ups and early stage companies to apply for membership

  • Successfully organized tech events local and abroad

  • Notable and well respected in the tech community

  • Global – Native to Nigeria with access to big founders, investors and institutions

  • Demonstrated experience with putting together and promoting corporate events.

  •  A commitment to excellent customer service.

  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Superb interpersonal skills, including the ability to quickly build rapport with both customers and suppliers

  • Ability to use prudent judgment and problem solving skills to make reasonable decisions and recommendations.

  •  Must have business development and customer service experience.

  •  Must have existing relationships with corporate and event organisers.

  •  Must have managed a team before.

  • Should be a self-starter – who needs little or no management

  •  Must have an eye for quality and strong attention to detail.

  • Must be creative and able to come up with ideas

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