Business Risk & Assurance Manager

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Job ObjectivesThe Business Risk and Assurance Manager will be responsible for providing support in the development and maintenance of a robust Group Wide Risk Management Framework and establish effective Business Continuity arrangements across the Organisation. The job holder will also be responsible for providing oversight and reporting of Business Risk, Assurance and Compliance activities across the Organisation.Job ResponsibilitiesInternal Quality Audit of LOBs and AOBs. This includes fixed assets, audit, payroll/staff audit, information system audit.Monthly Management Account and Bank Reconciliation ReviewBudgetary Control and Monitoring including prepayment review and enforcement of procurement policy Maintain Risk Management policy and ensure that this is embedded in core processes and individual roles within the company.Serve as an independent Quality Management System auditorProvide Client success assurance services for the organizationCost containment and plugging of leakagesPolicies and procedures development.Providing advisory and consulting services to the LOBs and AOBs.Enforcing compliance with management policies and external regulations i.e. HR policy, IT policy etc.Supervision of Compliance and Internal Control officers’ activities.Interfacing with key external stakeholders.Creating risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the company.Creating business continuity and risk countermeasure plans to mitigate risks.Suggesting recommendations to improve the Internal Control System.Attend to other functions as may be required by the Executive ChairmanEmbed risk management into organisational strategiesMonitor and apply relevant legislation, policies and procedures

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