Senior Sales Manager

Workforce Group  |  Nigeria

Posted 03 Mar


As a Senior Sales Manager you would play a strategic role in building creative sales strategies that are focused on consumer satisfaction and revenue generation for the business. 

You would be responsible for conducting reviews on the existing sales department strategies and weighs them against results in order to identify areas of improvement. He subsequently relays this information to senior sales management for consideration and approval.

Charged with tracking sales activities and creates reports that will be presented to management for use in strategic decision making.

Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships on behalf of the sales department and the business as a whole.

You are charged with the duty of identifying and developing new market opportunities for the business. 

You will work closely with senior sales management in the creation of new sales strategies and approaches.

You will also performs other duties as are necessary in the execution of his duties and any other duties delegated by the VP Sales and Management..


A bachelor’s degree  in Communications, Business Administration, Business Management, Marketing, or any other related filed. An equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable.

A minimum of 8 years in a sales position within a complex and fast-paced business environment, preferably as a Sales Manager. 

Exceptional sales skills and a consistent track record in sales conversion success and performance

Ability to convey even the most complex information and insights in his reports in a simple, clear, and convincing manner, tailoring messages to suit various audiences.

Must portray a strong ability to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines, he must also have an ability to work well in group-settings, and have an ability to remain calm under stressful scenarios and uncertainty.

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