Process Documentation Manager

Workforce Group  |  Lagos

Posted 13 Feb


  • The process document manager is responsible for control, security, accessibility, and timeliness of organizational documents that may be used by/useful to more than one clients and employee, such as policies, procedures, guidelines, forms, templates, and training materials.
  • Development of all software documentation (i.e. Project, Product, Systems, users, system admin, process, software architectural, source codes, quality assurance, API documents);
  • Effective management of different types of documents required through the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC);
  • Standardize data and records through remediation as well as changing organizational policy;
  • Meeting with client to have understanding of business, products, ideas which will be turned to 
  • Liaising with clients to have adept understanding of business, ideas, product;
  • Professional communication of clients requirement to development team;
  • Proficient ability to translate clients requirement into documents;
  • Manage organizational documentation through the document life cycle;
  • Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets;
  • Lead and implement document and records management systems, from initiation to end user delivery;
  • Analyze and improve overall query and storage systems;
  • Report on security, users, access, and data quality of documents and records;
  • Ensuring that all documentation meets the company’s needs and standards, as well as define and track all documentation metrics.
  • Ensure the security, accessibility, and proper distribution of organizational documents;
  • Ensure that internal controls are in place and are functional;
  • Plan and conduct meetings and presentations related to document management;
  • Maintain the integrity of working documents and update documentation when revised;
  • Maintain systems for document storage and retrieval, and help train employees and client on efficient system usage;
  • Ensure that organizational documents go through a documented and approved review-and-approval process before being stored


  • Minimum of B.Sc. in Computer Science, Information Science or other related course;
  • Basic software development skills;
  • Efficient use of Visio and MS Project;
  • 3-5 years related work experience is highly required
  • Relevant Documentation certification within and outside Nigeria;
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to work with a high volume of documents in a fast-paced environment; highly organized and process-oriented;
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills to interact with all levels of stakeholder;
  • Excellent listening skills, and be able to handle multiple requests while detailing document activity;
  • Good teamwork player, close collaboration with customers and stakeholders, flexibility, and ability to quickly respond to changes;

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