Talent Assessment Specialist

Workforce Group  |  Lagos

Posted 16 Sep


Job Description:

The Talent Assessment Specialist functions at a high level of knowledge and skill in all phases of test development, assessment project management & reporting and client experience management. 

He/She plans, develops, and evaluates tests and testing programs and related products that are closely aligned to talent selection and development.  


Basic functions and responsibilities

  • Design and develop new assessments and innovative products and services; develop new blueprints and item types, working with project team and client

  • Engage clients to diagnose their needs

  • Carry out research, data collection and analysis from several sources including clients, employees, interviews, surveys, actual hands-on previews or demos, published literature from written and electronic media etc to facilitate the execution of projects

  • Expand and develop the client base by identifying and targeting new businesses, markets and customers; develop and introduce new products and service offerings while building on existing client relationships

  • Plan, manage and direct assessment development and execution

  • Generate thought leadership articles and contents to educate the market on assessment.


  • Must have professional experience in Assessment development and execution

  • Excellent project management discipline

  • Strong Leadership capability 

  • Proven track record of developing valid and objective assessment tools.

  • Good knowledge of competency framework development

  • Practical knowledge of various assessment tools and methodologies

  • Prior experience in test administration, assessment centre set-up, project reporting

  • Good knowledge of personality assessment tools and aptitude tests

  • Is customer-focused and fosters respectful relationships with internal and external colleagues.

  • Strong writing skills, well-developed organizational skills, and a willingness/adeptness with regards to learning new technology are required.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Assessment in order to develop tests in subject area and to serve as a resource person clients is also required. 

  • Ability to develop test items aligned with appropriate standards

  • Has the ability to succeed at working on new assessments, on developing innovative task types, on doing the work in new ways, and on dealing successfully with ambiguity. 

  • Demonstrates a strong learning orientation to willingly develop new skills and competencies that will improve personal and business performance. 

  • Experience in test development, educational measurement, applied statistics is preferred.

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